our client

*Sweaters   complete Factory machinery

*Terry  Towel  complete factory machinery

*Washing:Normal  wash, Woven wash, Stone  wash,Enzyme   wash & Detergent  wash

*Denim ,Jeans  factory  machinery :Rope   washing   dyeing,Sizing , Warping , Slasher ,Cylinder Winder

*Knit  composite  factory:

Circular knitting , Tubular, Open  Width, Single &Double  Jersey machines

Washing/Dyeing>Ballooning Squeezer, Tention less Dryer >Calendar  Compactor/ Stenter etc.

*Woven factory:

Loom, Sizing,   Sectional Warping, Direct Warping ,Cylinder  Winding machine,Soft &Hard  cone machines.    

*Fabric Dyeing machinery:

High pressure, Atmospheric both Round  type & Jet   type

For knit woven fabric.

*Yarn  dyeing machinery

Lab.  Sample , High pressure Package Yarn  Dyeing , Hydro Extractor, Soft Cone , Hard  cone(Re winder), R.F Dryer.

*Sewing machinery: Garment   Sewing and   Finishing machinery

 *Mosquito fabric   Complete  pant  machinery  

*Finishing :Woven , Knit , Sweaters , Denim , Jeans     factory machinery .

*Non  woven   fabric   complete machinery

*Plastic machinery

*Second hand machinery:

2nd  hand &reconditioned  Rapier  & Air jet  Loom, Vamatex,Sulzer, Somet, Picanol,STV, Tsudamoma, Toyota , Projectile.

 Boiler:Fulton,Coal, Biomass and  2nd  hand Royal  Daelim.