About Us

Complete   solution of Textile  and industrial  machinery

Textile sector professional with total 16 years of extensive experience on sales ,Marketing and maintenance . Capable in developing promotion of new product, Handling LC,BL,Shipments imp. documents for import and export. Good knowledge on local trading.knowledge on Customer care review.Participations various exhibitions every years.

Patron Trading    corporation Ltd., is  an indenting  firm established in 20th  July 2000. We are    supplying   all   sorts  of  Industrial  machinery  both  brand  new   and  second  hand as   a Agent/Distributor    from China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong  Kong, Singapore , Italy, Turkey, Germany  France, USA from others country.

Sweaters   complete Factory machinery :

Jacquard Flat knitting machines and other   require machines

Travers  Winder > Flat  knitting >Linking>Sewing> Washing>Tumbler Dryer> Hydro Extractor>Ironing.  

Terry  Towel  complete  plant:

Loom, Sectional,  Direct Warping, Dyeing , Finishing   complete  factory  machinery  

  Washing Factory complete  machinery:

Lab>Wshing/Dyeing>De  Watering>Drying >Finishing.  

Denim ,Jeans  factory  machinery :

 Sizing , Warping,Cylinder Winding Rope Washing , Dyeing , Slasher , etc.  

Knit  composite  factory:

Circular knitting , Tubular, Open  Width, Single &Double  Jersey machines

Washing/Dyeing>Ballooning Squeezer, Tention less Dryer >Calendar  Compactor/ Stenter etc.

Woven factory:

Loom, Sizing,   Sectional Warping, Direct Warping ,Cylinder  Winding machine,Soft &Hard  cone machines.    


*Dyeing machinery,

High pressure, Atmospheric (i.e H/P &N/P) both Round  type & Jet   type

For knit woven fabric.

Yarn Dyeing Machinery:

Lab.  Sample , High pressure Package Yarn  Dyeing , Hydro Extractor, Soft Cone , Hard  cone(Re winder), R.F Dryer.


Sewing machinery: Garment Sewing and Finishing machinery:

 Mosquito fabric   Complete  pant  machinery:


Finishing :Woven , Knit , Sweaters , Denim , Jeans     factory machinery:


*Non  woven   fabric   complete machinery


*Plastic machinery


Second hand machinery:

2nd  hand &reconditioned  Rapier  & Air jet  Loom, Vamatex,Sulzer, Somet, Picanol,STV,  Sulzer , Tsudamoma, Toyota , Projectile  also

Dyeing , Finishing, Boiler etc. from USA , ITLAY , GERMANY , TURKEY,CHINA .